Site opening memorial RC body gift campaign

NISSAN 180SX / BN-Sports

Gift items

Pandora RC made body of your choice 1 person per person Present for 3 people

Furthermore,After the number of registered members exceeds 5000 people, we are considering adding a present body.

* Pandora RC made body list –>

NISSAN 180SX / BN-Sports

NISSAN 180SX / BN-Sports

NISSAN 180SX / BN-Sports

NISSAN 180SX / BN-Sports

  • The picture is a painted image.
  • The gift body is the same unpainted as the product version.


Present application condition

There is no need to have applications submitted from “Application form”.There are three steps

Step 1
Member Registration to the RC collection (this site).
* Please refer to Here for the purpose of the site management of the RC collection.

Member Registration

Step 2
Please post a photo.

Step 3
Please post a Blog.

This is the end. With this, you will be eligible for drawing!

* However, please post photos related to RC (radio control). Also, please give me pictures of your own own body etc. When other photos etc. are posted, it may be deleted. Thank you for your understanding.


You can register for membership Here . There is no need to register with your real name. “We want to raise the RC industry without spirit! ” , ” RC is so fun! We hope to send you to the world not only with you in Japan.


Period covered

March 6, 2019 18:00 ~ May 31, 2019 23:59
It is necessary that 3 steps are completed within the above period.

Presentation method

We will contact each prize individually by e-mail individually. After that, we will post it on the site.


Member Registration